Extraordinary fairytale

Hello and Assalamualaikum.
Guess what? My entry will be quite longer than usual. So bear with me please and thank you. Somehow, I got a little bit inspiration to write this thing.
Marry a girl who never goes on any date and never falls in love before. The way you look at her will be more meaningful. Somehow, those feeling, to always stay beside her arises without you could barely detect. The way you smile at her makes her happy. Those feeling to protect her, so that she won’t be hurt suddenly carved in your heart. Because if she gets hurt, you will feel the pain too.
When the girl you marry feels that the world had turned upside down, making her to give up on hopes, you hold her and tell her to stay strong. That expression you make, ‘I understand you. I understand you a lot. I know you suffered a lot. But let us stay strong. Trust me.’; actually make that girl to realize that she’s grateful to have you by her side.
The day you try to protect her, beware of her safety, proved to her that you really want to take good care of her no matter how hard the condition is. You always there when she needs you. The way you wrap your hands around her when she’s sad make her feel safe and protected. Finally, she knows that you truly care for her and marry her because of Allah.
Every day you wake up in the morning, you’ll be happy because you’ll be the first person she hugs, kisses and she’ll make your favorite breakfast before you start your day. You’ll do everything to make her happy. She’s the source of your happiness. The way you have fallen for her will be automatically different. You’ll feel very lucky because you know; you are the first and the last guy she ever loved.
The moment you carry her on your arms when she’s sick, make you worry, liked you almost lose her. The time when you sing a song and give her roses during her birthday is the most sweetest thing she will ever remembered, because no other guy ever does that for her before.
At last, you make her feel that, you are the only person that she wants to be married and spend her entire life with and she’ll never regret that she married you on the first place. Because to her, you are her everything.
Every saying 'I love you', every hugs, every kisses, every smile, every laugh, every tears, everything she does, only for you. And only you can see how happy she could be, how sad she could be, to be with you. She'll never love any guy except you. She feels that she's the luckiest girl on earth because Allah had choose you for the rest of her life.

So, marry a girl who never goes on any date and never falls in love before. You won’t regret and you’ll be happy as long as you believe in Allah. InsyaAllah, fairytale do happens.